Everything – Page 3 – A book of aphorisms
Apr 292022

The ability to devise a good story has nothing in common with the ability to write tolerable prose.

Apr 282022

“Who would do something that stupid?” This is the Inanity Defense, and it should never be believed.

Apr 262022

That we live in a simulation no one doubts. The only point at issue is whose.

Apr 222022

Agency — use it or lose it.

Apr 212022

An event scheduled long in advance grows ominous as it nears: one resents one’s past self for impudently binding the present.

Apr 202022

We complain of government inefficiency and unaccountability, instead of government mass murder, wholesale theft, and miseducation of our children by force, which makes our own supine posture rather too apparent.

Apr 182022

Dead white men are to be disregarded in part because they are men, more because they are white, and most of all because they are dead.