Mar 092020

Deviants and criminals, given the chance, will dwell endlessly on their own deviance and criminality. Repression at least obliges them to change the subject.

Mar 062020

To tyrannize over a people it is necessary to humiliate them, and nothing is more humiliating than declaring normal acts heinous crimes.

Mar 052020

A nation that regards speech as the fundamental liberty is a nation unable to keep its mouth shut.

Mar 042020

The loss of America’s appetite for full-on war has whetted it for petty military adventure.

Mar 032020

Ideology readily replaces identity: both hinge on what and whom to hate.

Mar 022020

Writing carries the small but ever-present danger of being understood.

Feb 282020

The good reader blames himself first for obscurity, and to punish this habit with nonsense is worse than bad writing: it is depraved conduct.