Everything – Page 3 – A book of aphorisms
Aug 192021

The praise of reviewers tends to be bland and uninformative, with exceptions. One can be certain that an actor’s “riveting” performance was far worse than usual, and that a “lyrical” novel will be unreadable.

Aug 162021

When abusing someone, always pick on qualities that he was born with or cannot change: tomorrow he may be sober.

Aug 132021

Modern political theory has become bloodless, shunting off questions of wise and just policy to sister disciplines like economics and moral philosophy, and busying itself with quibbles over standing.

Aug 102021

Identity is partly inherited, and partly chosen, and not at all declared.

Aug 092021

Our ancestors attributed to the gods the vicissitudes of the weather, and we attribute to the President the vicissitudes of the stock market.