Everything – Page 3 – A book of aphorisms
Mar 012023

Unambiguous instances of humans overriding their biology are scarce, and suicide, the most drastic, commands respect, if only on that score.

Feb 282023

Of all avocations the grimmest must be politics. The one thing nobody seems to get out of it is fun.

Feb 272023

No one is consigned to the psychiatrists for participating in a mass delusion, however absurd.

Feb 242023

What drives the proverbial cycle of good times and hard times? In part weakness and strength, mostly idleness and occupation.

Feb 222023

The more open-minded you are, the less stupidity you can afford.

Feb 212023

Movie reviews are for people who might watch the movie; book reviews are for people who won’t read the book.

Feb 202023

All taxonomies are right, but some are useful.

Feb 172023

If you’re not too good at your job, you’re not too good for your job.

Feb 162023

A man can be judged by what he is supposed to have said.