Everything – Page 2 – A book of aphorisms
Jul 252022

Everything you hear about polite company seems calculated to drive you into the arms of the impolite.

Jul 222022

Imagination, without a problem to work at, is dull. It does almost nothing but graft characteristics of one thing onto another; centaurs, gorgons, mermaids, and unicorns are its typical products.

Jul 212022

Grievances are often not merely nursed but cherished, and a great many people, deprived of theirs, would be nothing at all.

Jul 192022

The first rule of lying is never deviate from the facts.

Jul 182022

Science is like the best athlete in gym class — nobody really likes him, but everybody wants him on his team.

Jul 152022

People are divided less by what they believe than by how intensely they believe it.

Jul 142022

We are subject, when we change our mind, to exactly the same errors as when we make it up in the first place.