May 112020

Whoever can be made to believe absurdities can be made to commit atrocities, and everyone can be made to believe absurdities.

May 062020

A man’s belief system is a miracle of construction, apparently rickety and jerry-built, yet sturdy enough to withstand the introduction of a new fact or idea without being altered or disturbed.

May 052020

Hate is the most unjustly maligned emotion, and love the most unjustly celebrated.

May 042020

First you remain silent in the face of absurdities, then you utter them, and finally you believe them,

May 012020

Voting, like tattoos, diverts the urge toward self-expression from more noisome forms like speech.

Apr 302020

Hating the people you disagree with is harmless; it’s liking the ones you agree with that’s dangerous.

Apr 292020

There are two kinds of governments: those, like absolute monarchies, that tell their subjects frankly who rules them; and those, like democracies, that lie about it.