Everything – Page 2 – A book of aphorisms
Nov 102022

Children’s literature posits a compact between author and reader: though the reader may look like a frog to all the uncaring world, the author knows he is a handsome prince, and it can be their little secret. Harry Potter is children’s literature. So is Confederacy of Dunces.

Nov 082022

Almost anything can be put into a work of art, which is the artist’s problem, and almost anything can be got out of it, which is the critic’s.

Nov 042022

Footnote Zero, n.  The original source of a dubious, often provably false, occasionally absurd claim repeated in numerous scholarly works.

Nov 032022

Every society is ruled by its high-status beliefs; if you don’t like them, your only recourse is to lower their status.

Nov 022022

Tenure, like many privileges, is granted on the implied condition that it never be exercised.

Oct 312022

Automated spell-check is an object lesson in tail risk: it reduces the number of errors, but by attempting to correct them with actual words, renders each a potential catastrophe.