Everything – Page 2 – A book of aphorisms
Sep 142023

Prophets of disaster always materialize, in the manner of ghoulish onlookers, seemingly from nowhere, at a grisly accident.

Sep 132023

Positivism, n.  A philosophy that makes one less and less positive.

Sep 122023

Marxism tamed revolution by rendering it “scientific”, inevitable, a matter of the right ingredients in the right proportions, like chemistry. What has been tamed will be vulgarized, and it is Marx himself who is the true father of Che on a t-shirt.

Sep 062023

Complexity, randomness, inspiration, unconscious process — we bestow names as if they conferred understanding.

Sep 052023

Revolution is for an imagined future, and revolt, on which it depends, for an imagined past.

Sep 042023

To act requires a certain lack of imagination.