Aug 172017

Too little feminization prevents civilization, too much destroys it, and the trick is to find the inflection point.

Aug 162017

Only poor salesmen have to believe in their product.

Aug 152017

Great achievements do not excuse private vice, or justify it — they simply overwhelm it.

Aug 142017

Everyone is conservative about what he understands, and ought to be about what he does not.

Aug 112017

It is possible to win an argument, if you’re willing to forgo the awards ceremony.

Aug 102017

To be in love with love is an affliction; yet to hate it is more common, and more serious.

Aug 092017

To take a bribe and deliver nothing in return makes one no less corrupt, only less reliable.

Aug 082017

We speak with awe of ruling the world, as the supreme attainment; but the world has had many rulers, on the whole a sorry lot.

Aug 072017

Humans have improved modestly in acquiring knowledge but vastly in transmitting it.

Aug 042017

We perpetuate ourselves with art and offspring; but art has less alloy and may last longer.