Jul 292015

Some are stingier with praise out of high principle than any are, out of avarice, with money.

Jul 282015

There is no point in arguing over premises, which are assumed, or conclusions, which are contained in the premises.

Jul 272015

Last to the meeting is most powerful, and apotheosis consists in not showing up at all.

Jul 222015

To err is human; when our betters err, not to exult, divine.

Jul 212015

We speak of rewriting history, as if there were an alternative.

Jul 202015

Having money is frequently confused with not having to think about it.

Jul 172015

Popular government demands that the people play all roles at once: oppressor and oppressed, ruler and ruled, disenfranchised by vote, silenced by cacophony.

Jul 162015

The movies compress everything, except sex and violence.