Everything – Page 130 – A book of aphorisms
May 242016

It was not so long ago that enthusiasm was regarded as a fatal weakness of character.

May 232016

Zeal for an end is only flexibility about the means.

May 202016

It is said that people are impressionable: in fact they are programmable.

May 192016

Making friends is work, making enemies is fun.

May 182016

Serious people trying to be funny are generally no more embarrassing than funny people trying to be serious.

May 172016

The worst example is the unique success.

May 162016

The Four Irrational Beliefs of Highly Effective People

1. Optimism
2. Control
3. Forecasting ability
4. All-around superiority

May 132016

Some say that men are not gods, others that men are not beasts, both with more hope than expectation.

May 122016

What is called stupidity is often only intelligence gone horribly wrong.

May 112016

When a majority rejects democracy, then in what does democracy consist?