Everything – Page 130 – A book of aphorisms
Jun 092017

Your shelves should not contain the books you’ve read, but the books you’re going to read.

Jun 082017

No one would pay an anecdote any mind if its plural were data.

Jun 072017

The meek shall inherit the earth when the bold are through with it.

Jun 052017

The list of people who achieve posthumous fame after a lifetime of obscurity is short, and will not include you.

Jun 012017

We immediately recognize excess precision as a sign of lying, except in a statistic.

May 312017

It is one short step from explaining everything to defending anything.

May 302017

When one hears that a public figure hates journalists, it may be true; but what will be certain is that journalists hate him.

May 292017

A serious person first marks how little need be taken seriously.