Everything – Page 140 – A book of aphorisms
Sep 042018

First we learn to stand and talk, and then we are taught to sit down and shut up.

Sep 032018

The Two Laws of Pop Economics

1. What looks public-spirited is, in fact, greedy.
2. What looks greedy is, in fact, public-spirited.

Aug 312018

Intimacy is to know someone well enough to hate him.

Aug 302018

When you hear a proposed law or policy described as “common sense,” run for your life. Common sense doesn’t scale.

Aug 292018

It is better to put off a task, and be thought incompetent, than complete it, and remove all doubt.

Aug 282018

If you must be the victim of a grotesque law or policy, be first, or photogenic, and it may pay you back in fame. The rest go unnoticed.

Aug 272018

To rebut the charge of being a weenie is to be a weenie.

Aug 242018

Never write a bad review until the book has received too many good ones.

Aug 232018

I support Don’t ask, don’t tell, but for all of human intercourse.

Aug 222018

Depth is the desire not to be judged on the surface.