Mar 112015

Elaboration annoys the clever without satisfying the dim.

Mar 102015

You’re not weird, merely defective.

Mar 062015

We reserve our warmest admiration, not for what is utterly beyond us, but for what we secretly believe we might have done ourselves on our very best day.

Mar 052015

Bore is commutable; dullard is life without parole.

Mar 042015

Taxes, regarded as the price of indifference, are a bargain.

Mar 032015

The hard sciences killed God, natural selection buried Him, variance drove a silver stake through His heart, and yet He will not die.

Mar 022015

Tardiness is the rudeness of kings, and punctuality the necessary politeness of their subjects.

Feb 272015

In science the social construction of reality is known as peer review.

Feb 262015

It is easy to rule people who are persuaded that they rule themselves.