Oct 222014

What surrounds sex is serious: sex itself is ridiculous.

Oct 212014

Abroad we make our soldiers pretend to be policemen, and at home we let our policemen pretend to be soldiers.

Oct 202014

Marriages survive not on love but admiration.

Oct 172014

Often we think ourselves into not just error but the opposite of the truth.

Oct 162014

Most problems are imaginary, and many real problems can be solved by redirecting the attention devoted to the imaginary ones.

Oct 152014

Better that X guilty men go free than one innocent man be convicted. Solve for X.

Oct 142014

There are ways of putting things, and each way is a different thing.

Oct 132014

Sometimes it is the work of art that looks at you and finds you wanting.

Oct 102014

Salieri was a lot better at music than you are at anything.