Aug 012014

Write in the margin as you would speak to the author.

Jul 312014

Few would deny that the earth was flat if it were a small inconvenience to maintain that it is round.

Jul 302014

Commercial success frees you to pursue further commercial success.

Jul 292014

It is best that something as permanent as envy be directed at something as transient as money.

Jul 282014

Life has heuristics: only games have rules.

Jul 252014

Attacks on greatness rain uselessly on civilization’s outer walls; praise for mediocrity bores from within.

Jul 232014

We say we feel old when circumstances have momentarily forced us to stop pretending that we are young.

Jul 222014

When we can no longer tell ourselves that we are good, we tell ourselves that we are exceptional.

Jul 212014

Leader: A megalomaniac whose luck has not yet run out.