Jul 132018

Progress, n.   The gradually increasing belief in the stupidity of one’s ancestors.

Jul 122018

Now and then, in support of a cause, someone exhorts me so ardently, so passionately, so articulately, that I know in my gut, without consulting the facts, that he is wrong.

Jul 112018

Life is exactly like high school, and not one bit like college.

Jul 102018

We all have imaginary friends, who are generally real people.

Jul 092018

Language is viscous, it resists: one thinks in words as one swims in water.

Jul 062018

The personal is rarely political, but the political is nearly always personal.

Jul 052018

We are exhorted to ask cui bono?, yet cui malo? is often the more penetrating question.

Jul 042018

Why is not half so troublesome a question as So What.

Jul 032018

We argue over the name when we have forgotten the thing.