Everything – Page 60 – A book of aphorisms
Mar 152019

To win at politics requires commitment, and the committed party is the one to whose constituents politics offers the only chance of advancement.

Mar 132019

Teaching everyone to read leaves the difficulty of supplying vast amounts of reading matter suitable for everyone.

Mar 122019

That there is nothing new under the sun is possibly the oldest argument under the sun.

Mar 112019

Rich societies produce leisure sufficient for folly, and democratic societies make this everybody’s problem.

Mar 082019

Exalt theory over practice, and youth over age will shortly follow.

Mar 072019

That the great are so rarely good speaks mostly to the poverty of our moral intuitions.

Mar 062019

Maybe it was the nerds who were evil all along.

Mar 052019

It is dishonest to make a special point of not lying.

Mar 042019

Inversion marches under the banner of Equality.