Nov 242017

We spend the first half of our lives accumulating possessions and the second half getting rid of them.

Nov 232017

Accuracy is the last refuge of a liar.

Nov 222017

When we wish to follow the man, we find the reasons.

Nov 212017

Dissent requires the willingness to set aside a few evenings, dissidence the occasional weekend.

Nov 202017

It is our former selves that we especially loathe.

Nov 172017

Almost everyone means well, and this is terrifying.

Nov 162017

There is no freedom to speak without the freedom to be silent.

Nov 152017

Authority depends on prestige, or failing that, police.

Nov 142017

Let us give thanks to all who disagree with us stupidly, without whom we would have so little to say.

Nov 132017

Love is mostly sex and marriage is mostly talk.