Everything – Page 110 – A book of aphorisms
Nov 142017

Let us give thanks to all who disagree with us stupidly, without whom we would have so little to say.

Nov 132017

Love is mostly sex and marriage is mostly talk.

Nov 092017

Someone who understands politics is about as likely to set up as a pundit as someone who can predict the future is to set up as a psychic.

Nov 082017

Civilization creates leisure, leisure promotes folly, and folly ends civilization.

Nov 072017

A successful corporation is a triumph of central planning.

Nov 062017

I’m not sure what normality is, but insisting that one is not at all normal must have something to do with it.

Nov 032017

It is rather late to mourn the dignity of office.

Nov 022017

We have all of our ideas at second hand, except the ones we think original, which we have at fourth or fifth.

Nov 012017

Social media are to friendship what vaping is to smoking.