Jun 022016

Strategy is the product for which motives, reasons, and beliefs are the advertising.

Jun 012016

One must think very well to improve on not thinking at all.

May 312016

The illogical are convinced that they are imaginative, and the unimaginative that they are logical.

May 302016

Many famous works of literature would have remained obscure if they had been read only as the author intended.

May 272016

It must be easier to fix the world than it is to fix a dishwasher; there are so many more people who know how.

May 262016

You can’t always get what you want; you can’t always get what you need; but you can, perhaps, want what you need.

May 252016

Space and matter are given; time is a civilized achievement.

May 242016

It was not so long ago that enthusiasm was regarded as a fatal weakness of character.

May 232016

Zeal for an end is only flexibility about the means.