Everything – Page 110 – A book of aphorisms
May 282018

Almost everyone believes the world is filled with people who do evil on purpose; but not himself, and not anyone he knows.

May 252018

You can have loyal subordinates, or competent ones.

May 242018

A lot of what we refrain from doing is not wrong, or undesirable, but just too much trouble to explain.

May 222018

The point of a special day for airing grievances is that all the other days are not.

May 212018

The dissolute and profligate can always be depended on to preach sobriety and thrift; today it is the sober and thrifty who refuse to do so.

May 182018

It is more pleasant to be told that one has done a brilliant thing than that one is a brilliant person, which implies an obligation to continue.

May 172018

To yearn for celebrity is to envy the animals when visiting the zoo.

May 162018

The past is rarely given voice, except to pronounce in favor of present fashion.

May 152018

I anticipate an old age full of regrets for what I did not do, with only a few for what I did not say.