Everything – Page 120 – A book of aphorisms
Jun 112019

No government censors so rigorously as a mob.

Jun 102019

Both sides are always guilty, and never equally guilty.

Jun 062019

An ounce of exit is worth a pound of voice.

Jun 052019

The great political divide is not between left and right, populist and elitist, or authoritarian and libertarian. It is between people who are consumed by politics and people who are sane.

Jun 042019

Respectable opinion is a sandbox, and it is the children who play at its edges who guard it most zealously from the children who are not allowed to play at all.

May 312019

Anyone can write platitudes, and anyone can write falsehoods, but it takes an aphorist to do both at once.

May 292019

Group differences never reflect on the individual, only the other members of the group.