Everything – Page 120 – A book of aphorisms
Oct 132016

An unending series of plausible occurrences is impossible in life, and insisted on in fiction.

Oct 122016

Religion will persist forever because of reality’s stubborn refusal to accord with our primitive notions of justice.

Oct 102016

Regulation exists to manufacture non-compliance.

Oct 072016

If a rule is required, then its outcomes will be imperfect.

Oct 062016

Having life too easy dissipates more promise in America than having it too hard.

Oct 052016

Hair length strongly correlates with silliness in women over 40.

Oct 042016

If only thought were conserved like matter, if lost thoughts were transmuted instead of vanishing forever.

Oct 032016

Are you unprepared for it because it is out of the question, or is it out of the question because you are unprepared for it?

Sep 302016

You say you could never be bored or unhappy with some other person’s life, and yet how different it would be, if it were yours.