Dec 302015

Aphorism is less a matter of finding wisdom than losing patience.

Dec 292015

A moment arrives when it becomes less trouble to perform the task than continue to put it off, and work begins.

Dec 282015

Excellent manners always have a touch of menace.

Dec 232015

One becomes fit for company by learning to do without it.

Dec 222015

The cheerful impose on the cheerless at least as much as the other way around.

Dec 212015

What is immoral should be illegal, and what is legal is not immoral — the bookends on the shelf of vulgar errors in political philosophy.

Dec 182015

All authors suspect, while they have no readers, that they are worthless. Then they acquire a few, and become convinced.

Dec 172015

If one person can destroy your business, you may as well have a job.