Everything – Page 200 – A book of aphorisms
Nov 042014

Ideologies must be classed not by what they intend to build but by what they intend to destroy.

Nov 032014

Hard cases make bad law, and good law makes hard cases.

Oct 312014

The joy of money lies less in what one does than in what one might do.

Oct 302014

Where some has failed, more rarely succeeds.

Oct 292014

Some who earn thousands of times your income don’t deserve it, which is bad; and some do, which is worse.

Oct 282014

The worse the government, the longer the speeches.

Oct 272014

If suffering ennobles, does joy degrade?

Oct 242014

People are confused; it does not follow that the universe is paradoxical.

Oct 232014

If you aren’t supposed to use people, what do you do with them?

Oct 222014

What surrounds sex is serious: sex itself is ridiculous.