Everything – Page 200 – A book of aphorisms
May 132016

Some say that men are not gods, others that men are not beasts, both with more hope than expectation.

May 122016

What is called stupidity is often only intelligence gone horribly wrong.

May 112016

If a majority rejects democracy, in what does democracy consist?

May 092016

Occam’s Razor doesn’t mean what’s simplest must be true;
It means that we are stupid and it’s the best that we can do.

May 062016

Write what you know that’s not yourself.

May 052016

An accurate thinker is right: a fertile one is interesting when wrong.

May 042016

If you were immortal, how would you know?

May 032016

To make a new mistake is no small thing.

May 022016

To sculpt a lion, carve away whatever doesn’t look like a lion; and to be happy, avoid whatever makes you unhappy.