Dec 052012

Every contemporary freethinker would believe in Christianity if born in medieval England, and slavery if born in ancient Rome.

Dec 042012

God is another name for epistemic modesty, which is dead.

Dec 032012

Never before have so many spent so much time in school to so little purpose.

Nov 302012

Those who believe that what you cannot quantify does not exist also believe that what you can quantify, does.

Nov 292012

An above-average capacity for boredom is optimal; a superior one is disastrous.

Nov 282012

Civilization is the set of conditions that make it possible to delay gratification indefinitely.

Nov 272012

Asking a native to recommend a translation is like asking a local to recommend a hotel.

Nov 222012

The provocateur is the most fortunate of men: he receives all credit for his wisdom and no blame for his folly.