Everything – Page 260 – A book of aphorisms
Jan 242014

Anyone who hates children is paying them far too much attention.

Jan 232014

Politicians do not place their personal interests before the national interest: they regard them as indispensable to the national interest.

Jan 222014

The most interesting things to do are the dullest to watch.

Jan 202014

Our ancestors believed in ghosts of people; we believe in multiple regression — ghosts of causes.

Jan 162014

No government suppresses thought and speech as effectively as your friends and neighbors do.

Jan 152014

The revolutionary is nine parts hatred and envy of the oppressor, and one part sympathy and love for the oppressed.

Jan 142014

To hate something properly you must have liked it once.

Jan 132014

Revolutions spare nothing but the machinery of the state at which they are ostensibly directed.