Everything – Page 261 – A book of aphorisms
Jan 152014

The revolutionary is nine parts hatred and envy of the oppressor, and one part sympathy and love for the oppressed.

Jan 142014

To hate something properly you must have liked it once.

Jan 132014

Revolutions spare nothing but the machinery of the state at which they are ostensibly directed.

Jan 092014

No one remembers who lost the argument, only who lost his temper.

Jan 082014

Most people, on most matters, are not, in fact, entitled to an opinion.

Jan 072014

Clever is a great compliment to children and a gross insult to adults.

Jan 062014

“It was a culture,” the historian will write a century from now, “that found it necessary to invent the word ‘unironically.'”

Jan 032014

That no change is possible was the ancient superstition; that any change is possible is the modern one.

Jan 022014

Now that all have prizes, has everybody won?