Everything – Page 264 – A book of aphorisms
Aug 122013

Many people kill themselves because they are tired of repeating themselves.

Aug 092013

The revolutionary treats the oppressed as the defense lawyer treats the client: under no circumstances are they to speak for themselves.

Aug 082013

One is asked to be reasonable and expected to be moderate.

Aug 072013

Humanity for the first time is burdened with a vast proletariat of literate, ambitious, and demanding people who can’t really do anything.

Aug 062013

Certain qualities — skepticism, iconoclasm, willpower — are fixed in quantity, and must be apportioned wisely.

Aug 052013

All people at all times have annals; but only some at a few times have history.

Aug 022013

Certain ideas are so corrosive that they eat through even themselves.

Jul 302013

Revolution is seeded by abuse and watered by reform.