Everything – Page 263 – A book of aphorisms
Dec 182013

A man will often marry a woman when he has grown tired of courting her.

Dec 172013

Eventually one wearies of strangling the last king with the guts of the last priest.

Dec 162013

Mindfulness, n.   Non-judgmental focus on the sensations of the present moment; mindlessness.

Dec 132013

The psychological travails of Western man stem mostly from the fact that he can be idle and not starve.

Dec 122013

Belief in karma is the coward’s revenge.

Dec 112013

The ellipsis is the shuffling derelict of punctuation.

Dec 102013

Many books are least likely to be read by the people who would profit most by reading them.

Dec 092013

Yesterday the great enemy of democracy was distinction of birth; today it is distinction of wealth; tomorrow it will be distinction.

Dec 062013

Integrity is the writer refusing to make allowances for the reader; philistinism is the reader refusing to make allowances for the writer.

Dec 052013

Failure is always an option. Often it is the best option.