Everything – Page 290 – A book of aphorisms
Oct 222012

Stare decisis is an infinite regress error.

Oct 192012

Habits acquired in irony are retained in sorrow.

Oct 182012

We owe modern clangor to the unremitting efforts of generations of quiet and sedentary men.

Oct 172012

The more unusual the topic, the more conventional the thought it inspires.

Oct 162012

It is impossible to cultivate talent without persistence, but common to persist without talent.

Oct 152012

Marry a beautiful woman to be envied, a clever woman to be fascinated, and a thrifty woman to be happy.

Oct 122012

The impeccably credentialed are always loyal to the reigning order.

Oct 112012

When reading fiction, ask which of the villains you resemble.

Oct 102012

Mute inglorious Miltons, flowers born to blush unseen and waste their sweetness on the desert air, are extinct, and I miss them.

Oct 092012

Men form alliances first not to be stolen from, and then to steal.