Everything – Page 40 – A book of aphorisms
Mar 232022

The indispensable qualification for revolutionary politics is having nothing better to do.

Mar 222022

The apology is usually imaginary, but then so is the offense.

Mar 212022

The plagiarist, no matter what he says in public, never feels remorse. He regards himself as cheated out of his own thoughts and words by the sheer bad luck of someone else having written them first.

Mar 182022

The desire for uniformity, the unappeasable hostility to whatever is better than or merely different from oneself, has marched under many names: diversity is only the most recent.

Mar 172022

When you have replication, you don’t need peer review, and when you have peer review, you don’t get replication.

Mar 162022

Explanations always sound like justifications because that is what they are.

Mar 152022

Ideology is the tendency to accept or reject a set of logically disconnected propositions en bloc.

Mar 142022

A civilization that can defend science only by pointing to its fruits, technology, will soon destroy its science, and eventually its technology too.

Mar 112022

We defeat ourselves not with scarcity but surfeit: too much food, too much data, too much leisure, and far, far too much art.