Nov 272018

The solitary man affronts, preferring his own company to yours.

Nov 262018

Inside every thin man is a fat man struggling to get out.

Nov 232018

The talent to be memorable carries the obligation to be wise.

Nov 222018

One praises style when there is nothing else to praise.

Nov 212018

To the befuddled I recommend a serene air of quiet dignity.

Nov 202018

Romanticism is the idea that we should express our inner self; classicism, that we have no inner self to express.

Nov 192018

We know, and judge, ourselves by what we intend and mean; others, by what they do and say.

Nov 162018

It is difficult to hear those who can’t speak for themselves over the din of those who presume to speak for them.

Nov 142018

Unable to reach the grapes, we conclude first that they are sour; and later, after meditating deeply, that sweetness is not worth having.