Everything – Page 40 – A book of aphorisms
Nov 172021

The purveyor of a cure does not, unless he is a madman, spread the ill; but he can scarcely help spreading belief in it.

Nov 152021

For heresy, like murder, there is no statute of limitations — not even centuries.

Nov 122021

You can’t convince people that ugliness is beautiful. You can, however, convince them that it is bold, inspiring, visionary, unique, searching, thought-provoking, evocative, and unconventional.

Nov 102021

Never use five words where none will do.

Nov 092021

Our thoughts run in loops, which we can hope only to make as long and deeply nested as possible.

Nov 052021

We are apt to imagine software as scaling indefinitely, which it does not, because we think of it as a form of writing, which does.

Nov 042021

An idea traces its influence not from its origin, which is lost in time, but from the point when it becomes inescapable.