Everything – Page 40 – A book of aphorisms
Dec 202019

To silence a disciple, steer him to a subject on which his master has not opined.

Dec 192019

I find, with age, more and more people of whom I approve in theory but not in practice.

Dec 182019

Reasoning to broad, correct conclusions is like beating the market: it happens, but not to you.

Dec 172019

We say that it can’t be true when we mean that it mustn’t.

Dec 162019

More education, touted by all sides as the solution for every conceivable social problem, has yet to fix a single one, though it has created a few.

Dec 122019

The Efficient Action Hypothesis: If it were worth doing, someone would have done it already.

Dec 112019

The Principles of Practical Politics

1. Gain power
2. Keep power
3. Whatever you think your political principles are

Dec 102019

How he kills himself says a lot about a man.

Dec 092019

The discovery that only bad people do bad things has tidied the administration of justice, making it a simple matter of determining who the bad people are.