Everything – Page 40 – A book of aphorisms
Mar 252021

Capitalism has been the only loyal friend of the unfit; no wonder they hate it so.

Mar 242021

The more features a product acquires, the worse it becomes at what it was originally designed to do.

Mar 232021

Every voter-registration campaign produces a less competent electorate; indeed, that is its aim.

Mar 222021

To destroy a man’s property is to nullify that part of his life devoted to its creation or acquisition. It is to kill him, insensibly and by degrees.

Mar 192021

Fame is wasted on the famous.

Mar 182021

There would be less loose talk if the messenger were shot more often.

Mar 172021

Unrequited love drives men to suicide, and unrequited hate drives them to murder.

Mar 162021

Everyone is secretly pleased to be charged with elitism, and when the charge is denied it is with the aim of confirming its justice.

Mar 152021

Humanity is forever in the grip of various mass hysterias, like little puddles of mimetic polyalloy, which occasionally gather themselves together, and then you have Terminator 2.

Mar 122021

The difference between English and American governance is that everyone knows the Queen is a figurehead.