Everything – Page 40 – A book of aphorisms
Jul 282021

Nothing public can be conversation, and soon everything will be public.

Jul 222021

One never sees extremely powerful men decide, in midlife, that they have accumulated enough power, and devote the rest of their years to giving it away.

Jul 212021

The ideal aristocrat resembles the dogs of which he is so fond — steadfast, loyal, wedded to tradition, and just a bit thick.

Jul 202021

Ants can be deterred from crossing a boundary by outlining it with chalk: this is respectable opinion. On ants it works only for a while.

Jul 192021

There exists in all men a thirst for the hunt, for predator stalking prey inexorably until it is caught and torn to shreds, that only reading Jane Austen can slake.

Jul 162021

There ought to be a small but discernible difference between your favorites and what you think best: a large difference is snobbery, and no difference is also snobbery, of an opposite kind.

Jul 152021

One pays moderately for the item and immoderately to keep others from having it.