Nov 042015

The Puritans labored, not to persuade God to elect them — that was decided — but to show the neighbors that He had. Status trumps Grace.

Nov 032015

The mark of envy is not harsh criticism, but tepid praise.

Nov 022015

The same ideas are used to exonerate the guilty and to punish the innocent.

Oct 302015

Historical figures are vectors, with magnitude and direction.

Oct 292015

All are born earnest: a few achieve frivolity.

Oct 282015

Therapy encourages the patient to think and talk about himself — which is what induced him to seek therapy.

Oct 272015

Not until recently has the government that robs Peter to pay Paul been able to rely on the support of Peter.

Oct 262015

Man begins by treating objects as agents; then he grows scientific, and treats agents as objects.

Oct 232015

That poverty causes crime may be doubted: what is certain is that crime causes poverty.