Everything – Page 112 – A book of aphorisms
Oct 012019

It’s not usually the truth that’s being shoved down your throat.

Sep 302019

“We” means neither me nor thee.

Sep 272019

History is lenient with the vicious and powerful victims of tyrants still more vicious and powerful.

Sep 262019

It isn’t tolerance unless you disapprove.

Sep 252019

It is less important, now, to have something to say than someone to listen.

Sep 242019

Ignorance, cultivated with sufficient rigor, is bliss.

Sep 202019

It is the quack, needing protective coloration, who affirms most zealously the principles of his profession.

Sep 192019

The people whose intelligence is argued over are, as a class, more intelligent than the people who argue over it.

Sep 182019

If no man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money, then world literature is almost entirely the province of blockheads.