Dec 222017

Today we publish all of our thoughts, except the interesting ones.

Dec 212017

It is when they swear to pay the money back that you can kiss it goodbye.

Dec 202017

America has allowed countless uneducated and unskilled people to become uneducated and unskilled people who have gone to college.

Dec 192017

Whatever the fanatic permits himself is a duty: whatever he denies himself is a crime.

Dec 182017

The consolation prize for being out of power is unswerving commitment to timeless civic principles.

Dec 152017

Persistent detractors are a mark of distinction, as everyone discovers when he acquires them.

Dec 142017

The conservative is a degenerate reactionary who, unable to decide where to set the clock, defaults to now.

Dec 132017

Never read your old writing. It will displease you, or worse, please you.

Dec 122017

A professor is, quite literally, someone who does not draw the conclusions from his own premises.

Dec 112017

A belief no fact can sink no fact can float.