Everything – Page 132 – A book of aphorisms
Jun 152017

We have learned to ignore philosophers when they talk about science but remain in thrall to scientists when they talk about philosophy.

Jun 142017

If the practitioners of other disciplines understood science more they would imitate it less.

Jun 132017

That a politician is popular with the young may not be sufficient reason to oppose him, but it’s a start.

Jun 122017

We fret too much over the contradictions among our beliefs, in the unlikely event that we notice them at all.

Jun 092017

Your shelves should not contain the books you’ve read, but the books you’re going to read.

Jun 082017

No one would pay an anecdote any mind if its plural were data.

Jun 072017

The meek shall inherit the earth when the bold are through with it.

Jun 052017

The list of people who achieve posthumous fame after a lifetime of obscurity is short, and will not include you.