Everything – Page 71 – A book of aphorisms
Jul 142020

Thinking, like plumbing, is something we rarely do for ourselves; but no one imagines that he does his own plumbing.

Jul 132020

Many supposed gold-diggers are digging not for gold but for the capacities that amassed it.

Jul 102020

It requires only belief in a few fashionable ideas to make the world a place of endless wonder and constant surprise.

Jul 092020

First we were killed by nature, then by rulers, and finally we resorted to killing ourselves.

Jul 082020

It is frequently remarked that IQ tests measure your ability to perform well on IQ tests; the same could be said, more accurately, of school.

Jul 072020

If your thoughts seem banal to you, it may be because you have lived with them for a long time and grown used to them, or it may be because they are.

Jul 062020

Democracy encourages would-be rulers to act like the people in an abject effort to gain the power to act for them.

Jul 032020

Once it was fashionable to be fat, to show that you got enough to eat; and then it became fashionable to be thin, to distinguish yourself from the ostentatiously fat. This is the complete history of taste.

Jul 022020

All hobbyists, but especially political aficionados, secretly regard lack of enthusiasm for their avocation as a moral failing.