Oct 192017

Say what you like about our form of government, it beats democracy.

Oct 182017

Philosophy is so well-trod that there is scarcely room for a new mistake.

Oct 172017

We will tolerate anything but inconvenience.

Oct 162017

Law is keeping order: justice is keeping score.

Oct 132017

We are apt to disagree with whatever does not provide an occasion to congratulate ourselves.

Oct 122017

To deify the state has a certain logic; for the state is compulsion and coercion, and these, too, are God’s usual means.

Oct 112017

The truth is sometimes plausible, the lie always is.

Oct 102017

Doing badly in school is your best chance to come through it unscathed.

Oct 092017

Every quirk a syndrome, every aversion an allergy, every fear a phobia.