Everything – Page 12 – A book of aphorisms
May 072021

At the beginning of civilization we hate and fear the alien; at its height we study and attempt to understand him; and in its dotage we accept and support him, and at the end prefer him to our own.

May 062021

When I was young, I regarded argument as a path to truth, later as a harmless vice, and finally as a positive plague.

May 052021

A two-dollar word will also debit two dollars from your account when you use it incorrectly.

May 042021

What we call rule by out-of-touch elites was known in the 19th century as civil service reform, and if Plunkitt of Tammany Hall were alive today, he would have every reason to feel vindicated.

May 032021

We have won, at long last, the means and opportunity to make ourselves over completely, according to our own desires — and look around.

Apr 302021

Whatever the corrupt practice, everyone does not do it, and to say everyone does is a vicious attempt to wipe from existence those who do not.

Apr 292021

Hatred, at a very high pitch, becomes a difference not of degree but of kind — a second order, where one hates not just the object but anyone who likes it.