Feb 072020

The price of writing for one audience is the others.

Feb 062020

Identity is a checklist. If you check certain boxes you will be expected to check others, and individuality is demonstrated by checking a few boxes from the wrong column.

Feb 042020

It is always important, in evaluating a policy, to consider how many people you will have to kill to implement it.

Feb 032020

There’s nothing wrong with narcissism that better narcissists can’t fix.

Jan 312020

Government, though it never depends on the consent of the governed, often depends on large numbers of the governed believing that it does.

Jan 302020

There are people who ask strangers and bare acquaintances impertinent questions as if they were entitled to an answer. Sometimes they turn professional, and become journalists.

Jan 292020

Like Russians for Stalin, many Americans are nostalgic for a time when we all thought the same, or at least we all thought we did.

Jan 272020

For every hundred ringing declarations in favor of freedom of speech or the press there are none in favor of freedom of association.