Everything – Page 12 – A book of aphorisms
Apr 272023

It is not always easy to spot a rotter, but “middle-class” as an insult is an infallible sign.

Apr 262023

One often sees accuracy without truth, and sometimes truth without accuracy.

Apr 212023

The great task of industrial civilization was to create leisure, and the great task of post-industrial civilization is to occupy it.

Apr 192023

Proper service demands the extinction of personality, the entire subjugation of oneself to another’s needs and desires. In America, where this runs counter to the national religion, it cannot be had at any price.

Apr 182023

The man who mocks what we hold dear we call a cynic, though he may hold dear what we mock.

Apr 142023

Art, like science, may be regarded by the practitioner as a collective body of work to which he hopes to make a small contribution.