May 172019

You may speak for others when they hire you to do so.

May 162019

We are too consumed by who shall rule to notice how.

May 142019

Impossible to love our neighbor as ourselves: conceivable to doubt ourselves as our neighbor.

May 132019

The arc of the eligible-voter universe bends toward fecklessness.

May 102019

The common enemy that cements the bonds of the squadron in war is, in theory, the opposing army; in practice it is the brass.

May 092019

To pretend that everybody rules is the shortest way to get your hands on everybody’s stuff.

May 082019

Censorship is the appropriate punishment for writing that the censor understands.

May 072019

Unwanted attention: What men give other women.

May 062019

Conversation gets especially high praise from people who never shut up.