Everything – Page 29 – A book of aphorisms
Dec 192022

Closets are fine things, and one should no more parade one’s proclivities in public than strew one’s clothing on the floor.

Dec 162022

To lose a war is sometimes a disaster; to fight one on your own turf always is.

Dec 142022

You start to think there’s nothing to acting, and then you watch models try to do it.

Dec 122022

I am multitasking. You are distracted. He is scatter-brained.

Dec 092022

The Luddites smashed the looms, as we will smash the robots, less to keep their jobs than to protest the idea that they were mere machines, and mere machines could replace them.

Dec 082022

Policy has most of the force of law and none of the inconvenience. Once assured that it is a policy, people will put up with nearly anything.

Dec 072022

Disgust, though never dispositive, is always indicative, to be disregarded at one’s peril.