Everything – Page 27 – A book of aphorisms
Jan 122023

With so much bad writing about, it shows a deplorable lack of public spirit that so few will do their own small part to end it.

Jan 112023

Science began to decline when we began to debate whether some particular bit of knowledge merited the term.

Jan 102023

“Have a nice day”, by convention, always closes an effort to spoil it.

Jan 092023

Americans don’t read for pleasure; the books we are assigned in high school see to that.

Jan 062023

Poetry and music continuously raise expectations in the listener. What is too conventional caters to them exactly; what is too unconventional does not cater to them at all.

Jan 052023

Tyranny is never frank, even with no reason to be anything else. It is forever wheedling, patronizing, solicitous, half high-school vice-principal and half kindergarten crossing-guard.

Jan 042023

Principles of Evolutionary Biology

1. It can be explained by natural selection.
2. If it cannot be explained by natural selection, it can be explained by sexual selection.

Jan 022023

All the glamor goes to purveying the false accusation, the bogus claim, the non-existent effect; all the labor, to refuting it.

Dec 302022

The life to be mined from art is not the artist’s but one’s own.