Jun 282019

For those who flatter us we have many nasty names, but never liar.

Jun 272019

Pleasure lies chiefly in anticipation and retrospection, the experience itself being necessary to ensure that neither is spoiled.

Jun 262019

A bureaucracy, like a garage, should be hosed down periodically, to dislodge the stray bits of power accumulating in its crevices and corners like dust and dirt.

Jun 252019

Discursive prose was a brief and happy interlude in human history: at the beginning were drums and chants, and so it shall be at the end.

Jun 242019

The idea that smoke implies fire cannot survive a professional class of industrious smoke merchants.

Jun 212019

A lot of people who don’t believe in God believe in Santa Claus.

Jun 202019

Bad people are a fertile and oft-neglected source of good ideas.

Jun 192019

Popular sovereignty democratizes everything but rule.

Jun 182019

Many famous and respectable men are incompletely domesticated, and now and then one will do or say something to sabotage his reputation, as a bear will gnaw off its leg to get out of a trap.

Jun 172019

It is natural to demand special consideration for your feelings if you can’t think.