Everything – Page 28 – A book of aphorisms
Jan 042021

When the numbers don’t come out as you would like, the first resort is to change the way you count; the second is to stop counting.

Dec 312020

Madness is a pandemic which spreads without physical contact, to which all ages are susceptible, and for which the threshold of herd immunity is 100%.

Dec 302020

The distinguished Soviet geneticist Vavilov was unpersoned for refusing to reject heredity in favor of the neo-Lamarckism championed by Lysenko and Stalin, and I feel fortunate to live in a country where nothing like that could ever happen.

Dec 292020

To treat such doctrines as pacifism and communism as errors is itself an error. One does not argue with pipe dreams, or refute impossibilities.

Dec 252020

Everyone has something to teach us; it is usually the valuable lesson that we need pay him no further mind.

Dec 242020

We need not search for facts that confirm our opinions: all facts confirm our opinions.

Dec 232020

Eyes glazing over is two metaphors in one: the faraway look for what one cannot understand differs from the thin film for what one does not want to hear.