Everything – Page 28 – A book of aphorisms
Dec 302022

The life to be mined from art is not the artist’s but one’s own.

Dec 292022

Anarchists are scarce but anarcho-this and anarcho-thats are thick on the ground; what follows the hyphen is the dream.

Dec 262022

People can believe in anything but accidents.

Dec 232022

When a critic says that the book he is reviewing is “better than X”, he is advising you, in the strongest possible terms, to read X.

Dec 222022

Communism and anarchism are natural allies: one proposes to punish what is best in human nature, the other not to punish what is worst.

Dec 212022

Many things work on a small scale and fail on a large one; crime is exactly the opposite.

Dec 192022

Closets are fine things, and one should no more parade one’s proclivities in public than strew one’s clothing on the floor.