Dec 182018

Men and women both know what men want, and neither know what women want, yet in the end, it’s women who get what they want.

Dec 172018

The conservative stands athwart history with a radar gun, handing out the occasional speeding ticket to make quota.

Dec 142018

Do what you love for a living, and learn to hate it.

Dec 122018

What matters is not the size of the lie but its endless repetition: we imagine a big lie is easier to swallow because there is no point in wasting the propaganda apparatus on a small one.

Dec 112018

If you are stupid, you think your political opponents are evil, and if you are evil, you think they are stupid.

Dec 102018

The best recipient for your advice, your former self, is unfortunately in no position to take it.

Dec 062018

If only I could have school over again, to leave sooner and do worse.

Dec 052018

Commiseration, n.   The feeling of relief that there are some problems you don’t have.