Jul 312018

Announcing that you will not be silenced should be legal grounds for doing so.

Jul 302018

So the last shall be told that they are first, and the first that they are last: for many be hectored, but few persuaded.

Jul 272018

You can stay in a huff forever, but not the same huff.

Jul 262018

Many people I like aren’t my friends, and some of my friends I don’t much like.

Jul 252018

To imagine not knowing what we know is the indispensable habit of the historian; its opposite is easier to master.

Jul 242018

We begin to enjoy being called boys and girls when we know that we no longer are.

Jul 232018

The minor vices we all recognize and deplore; the major ones pass for virtues.

Jul 202018

We are regularly informed, by people with talent for a discipline, that nothing is required to master it but effort.

Jul 192018

Fool-proof is difficult, genius-proof is impossible.

Jul 182018

Better than nothing is an exacting standard: medicine has met it only recently, and to many prestigious and lucrative occupations it remains a fond hope.