May 162018

The past is rarely given voice, except to pronounce in favor of present fashion.

May 152018

I anticipate an old age full of regrets for what I did not do, with only a few for what I did not say.

May 142018

It is possible, though unusual, to acquire the habit of finding truths comforting and lies unpleasant.

May 112018

Essay, n.   An aphorism that hasn’t quite coalesced.

May 102018

An infallible sign of failure is the consumption of hortatory sermons on success.

May 092018

Metrics work, as long as no one knows what they are.

May 082018

To be on the wrong side of history is sometimes fatal; to be in its way always is.

May 072018

We are exhorted to show regard for future generations, in books that they will have to sort through and throw away.

May 032018

It’s a lot less fun to pursue power, wealth, and status if you can’t use them to get women.