Mar 282017

We are asked to be tolerant when we are expected to approve.

Mar 272017

It is possible to be overprivileged, and certainly to be underprivileged, but not, it seems, to be privileged just right.

Mar 242017

The people must be stupid, for they pay me no mind.

Mar 232017

Civilizations are created from the middle out and destroyed from the top down.

Mar 222017

Sarcasm is the lowest form of esotericism.

Mar 212017

To the horrors of war every soldier becomes inured; it is the petty harassments and nagging discomforts of war that dispirit and defeat him.

Mar 202017

To embrace the small truth in the views directly opposed to yours is the shortest route to more correctness, and the least often taken.

Mar 172017

In order that our boys shall not have died in vain, a great many of our boys die in vain.

Mar 162017

They make an inner desert and they call it inner peace.

Mar 152017

We call ideas pretty when we think they are false, and ugly when we do not care if they are true.