Everything – Page 286 – A book of aphorisms
Jan 282013

If you want perspective, abandon personality.

Jan 252013

Philosophies, like sweaters, have stray threads, and if you yank on one persistently enough the whole thing unravels.

Jan 242013

Wealth can be pursued cooperatively, but fame is to the death.

Jan 232013

How to Solve Problems

1. Ask if the problem exists.
2. Ask if it is not trivial.
3. Ask if you can do anything about it.
4. Ignore it.

Jan 222013

Law of Moral Parsimony: The most probable explanation is the least flattering.

Jan 212013

It never seems to occur to the teacher who complains of inattentive students that he may not be worth attending to.

Jan 182013

No universally acclaimed institution has a more dismal track record than marrying for love.

Jan 152013

To determine who is expert requires an expert.