Nov 122018

Intolerance, n.   Insufficient deference to received opinion.

Nov 092018

Things are so much as they seem that good-looking people really are more virtuous.

Nov 082018

Good artists steal, great artists are stolen from.

Nov 062018

We glimpse ourselves only when we gaze at something else.

Nov 052018

Public schooling profits only that narrow band of students, neither clever nor dim, from which all future public schoolteachers will be drawn.

Nov 022018

State terror denotes resistance: eventually it can be dispensed with.

Nov 012018

The rulers, the ruled, and the theoreticians of rule alike always interest themselves more in who shall rule than how.

Oct 312018

We say of posthumously venerated figures that they waited generations or centuries to receive their due. It does not occur to us that they may have deserved their earlier neglect, and that it is we who have been taken in.