Feb 182020

If you have become what you used to hate, you didn’t hate it all that much in the first place.

Feb 172020

Sentence first — verdict afterwards — reasons last of all.

Feb 142020

One may judge the esteem in which informants are held by comparing whistle-blower, on the one hand, with rat, nark, squealer, tattle-tale, stool-pigeon, fink, canary, and snitch, on the other.

Feb 132020

Witch hunts work especially well among people who are too sophisticated to believe in witches.

Feb 122020

The best way to die is all at once.

Feb 112020

Declaring victory in an argument is the infallible sign that you have lost.

Feb 102020

People used to say, not long ago, that they didn’t want to be labeled. It seems so quaint.

Feb 072020

The price of writing for one audience is the others.

Feb 062020

Identity is a checklist. If you check certain boxes you will be expected to check others, and individuality is demonstrated by checking a few boxes from the wrong column.

Feb 052020

We venerate artists who die too young to answer questions.