Sep 152017

It is in fields where expertise is dubious or bogus that practitioners stress the importance of deferring to expertise.

Sep 142017

To write something that could not have been written any other way usually takes several drafts.

Sep 132017

We ought to think of the present as if it were the past; instead we think of the past as if it were the present.

Sep 122017

What politicians say about science is as silly as what scientists say about politics.

Sep 112017

Prejudice, n.   The precipitate of a principle.

Sep 082017

The people who most need to be persuaded of their own stupidity have been told all their lives how clever they are.

Sep 052017

To discover who is preeminent in a field, ask someone who knows nothing about it.

Sep 042017

One must check the rise to cushion the fall.