Jul 042018

Why is not half so troublesome a question as So What.

Jul 032018

We argue over the name when we have forgotten the thing.

Jun 292018

A government of laws, not of men, requires suitable men.

Jun 282018

I don’t want you to change your opinion. I want you to abandon your opinion.

Jun 272018

The expressed desire to hear the unvarnished truth is among the world’s most popular lies.

Jun 262018

Irreverence, n.   The state or quality of not knowing what one reveres.

Jun 252018

One wonders what people who oppose eugenics think history is.

Jun 222018

It turns out to be entirely possible to know where you’re going and not where you came from, and vice versa.

Jun 212018

“Middle age” is the most optimistic phrase in the English language.