Jul 252017

If women use sex to get attention, men will use attention to get sex.

Jul 242017

Without the feeling of freedom, slavery is not complete.

Jul 212017

Today all government is popular government — if not by the people, then in their name.

Jul 202017

The likelihood that a new scientific finding is true varies inversely with your desire to talk about it at parties.

Jul 192017

Where others regard us as of no use, we fancy ourselves despised.

Jul 182017

Men want most to be useful, but will settle, if thwarted, for destructive.

Jul 172017

Power reveals; and absolute power reveals absolutely.

Jul 142017

Having got this world for free, we expect to pay dearly for the next.

Jul 132017

Everyone says what he would never do, and no one knows it.

Jul 122017

Flawlessness is a trivial quality in a work of art.