Everything – Page 279 – A book of aphorisms
May 062013

Print overawes the illiterate just as machinery overawes the savage.

May 032013

Nothing so distresses the disciple as the master changing his mind.

May 022013

Spouses never quite forgive each other their existence before they met.

May 012013

Many privileges are granted on the implied condition that they will not be exercised.

Apr 302013

The stupid delude themselves that anything is possible; the clever, that whatever they cannot do cannot be done.

Apr 292013

The author who displays his library is like the suspect who leads police to the scene of the crime.

Apr 262013

Computers more readily imitate our intelligence than our stupidity.

Apr 242013

Personality varies like men’s fashion — a quarter-inch of width in the tie or length in the cuff.

Apr 232013

The strange grows familiar, and its former strangeness becomes impossible to recover or even to fathom.