Everything – Page 281 – A book of aphorisms
Apr 082013

Profundities are often equivocations — trivially true in one sense, obviously false in another, and deep and subtle only if you do not choose.

Apr 052013

The superstitions of a culture are easily discerned: they are the matters on which everyone agrees.

Apr 042013

We remember what we believe, and believe what we remember.

Apr 032013

In fiction murderers and thieves often elicit the reader’s sympathy and understanding; snobs and ingrates elicit only his contempt.

Apr 012013

We laugh at novels in which the weather tracks the moods of the characters, yet our own moods mostly track the weather.

Mar 292013

Everyone is vain about his choice of what not to be vain about.

Mar 282013

The most grievous insult is the affected modesty of the truly accomplished.