Everything – Page 281 – A book of aphorisms
Feb 252013

We are more like our contemporaries than we imagine, and less like our ancestors.

Feb 222013

Expertise makes one peremptory, but peremptoriness does not make one expert.

Feb 212013

The wise are all alike, but every fool is foolish in his own way.

Feb 202013

If it has never crossed your mind that you might be stupid, you are.

Feb 192013

The polite conversationalist, when interrupted by a monologue, smiles, and waits his turn, before resuming his own.

Feb 152013

The American upper middle class has largely given up sex and alcohol in favor of litigation and insurance fraud.

Feb 142013

It hurts less to give up the luxury than the idea that you can afford it.

Feb 132013

Philosophy begins by asserting that appearance is not reality — that all is water, or fire, or does not move. It thus begins in sin.

Feb 122013

Writing is good therapy, but therapy is bad writing.