Feb 262019

Nothing is more depressing than an unceasing barrage of uplift.

Feb 252019

Fiction: imaginary people, real problems. Sports: imaginary problems, real people.

Feb 222019

The more you believe in the moral worth of your cause, the more willing you are to commit dubious deeds in its behalf; and perfect righteousness implies complete fluidity.

Feb 212019

The market may not be smarter than everyone — just everyone I know.

Feb 202019

Blessed are the literal, exasperating yet indispensable.

Feb 192019

Only the perfect bore never bores himself.

Feb 182019

We can be sure, when we are told that all interpretation is biased, that an egregiously biased interpretation will shortly follow.

Feb 152019

Today’s atrocities are committed for Equality and Justice; tomorrow’s will be committed for Love.

Feb 142019

A sudden influx into a profession or discipline signals either its robust health or its terminal illness.

Feb 132019

Sometimes the contagion is the thing, sometimes its expression: mirth and yawning are contagious, laughter and boredom are not.