Apr 262019

Never end up literal, but always start that way.

Apr 252019

If you maintain that IQ has no meaning, I can probably guess your IQ.

Apr 242019

One’s thought does not reflect one’s disposition. It complements one’s disposition.

Apr 232019

The trouble with cellphones isn’t that they allow us to ignore each other, it’s that they don’t.

Apr 222019

We envision cozy, domestic futures, with flying cars and a place for us, and we are always wrong: the future will have no place for us at all.

Apr 182019

Those who can, smoke; those who cannot, philosophize.

Apr 172019

If it wasn’t for cognitive biases, I’d have no cognition at all.

Apr 162019

Not so very long ago, no adult in history had ever spoken of himself as the parent of an animal.

Apr 152019

When addressed “with all due respect”, duck.