Feb 122019

He who can, does; he who cannot, teaches; and he who does, usually cannot teach.

Feb 112019

Attacks on good are bilge: praise for trash is poison.

Feb 082019

It is tempting to license writers, if only so the ones who write about how difficult writing is can have theirs revoked.

Feb 072019

The purpose of writing is to assemble a zombie army.

Feb 052019

Pure poetry, n.   A polite term for an especially execrable piece of prose.

Feb 042019

Those who profess indifference to what others think ought to advertise it less.

Feb 012019

The old cling most desperately to life — not from belated philosophic recognition of its splendors, or fear of death, but from habit.

Jan 312019

American cities are dotted by hulks of jagged, rusting metal, abandoned, seemingly without function, surrounded by endless expanses of concrete. This is the public sculpture.

Jan 302019

To be represented is the smallest aspiration.