Mar 202014

The footnotes are the most important part of corporate annual reports, and the same is often true of non-fiction.

Mar 192014

I owe my sublime indifference to awards, prizes, and all forms of official recognition to never receiving any.

Mar 182014

People would rather be ruled by their own kind than well.

Mar 172014

Nearly every field of human endeavor should be rescued from its admirers.

Mar 142014

The one proven formula for a good book is to follow around someone interesting, and write down everything he says.

Mar 132014

The product of too great a contempt for bad work is no work.

Mar 122014

To make a grave error clearly and follow it through consistently will place a man among the greatest of philosophers.

Mar 112014

If you wish to make a belief disappear, don’t waste your time demonstrating that it is an illusion. Demonstrate that it makes you fat.