Nov 292013

Good critics do not have good taste. They have articulate, consistent taste for which the reader can correct.

Nov 282013

To be powerful relieves one of the obligation to be interesting.

Nov 262013

Every historical atrocity has been committed in the name of some high principle.

Nov 252013

If you want to keep a secret, put it in the middle of a long book.

Nov 222013

You can have anything you want, provided it’s the only thing you want, and it’s not worth having.

Nov 212013

On many topics it is embarrassing to have an opinion, no matter what it is.

Nov 202013

The first rule of philosophy is to forget everything you think you know. The second is to forget everything you know.

Nov 182013

Who will psychoanalyze the psychologists, deconstruct the deconstructionists, decode the signals of the signaling theorists, unmask the unmaskers?