Apr 082014

To make a reputation as a deep thinker, settle on a single half-truth early, and spend the rest of your life flogging it.

Apr 032014

The basest viciousness usually wraps itself in a hygienic metaphor.

Apr 022014

A man should be pleased to make subtle errors; it means he has avoided the obvious ones.

Apr 012014

The inability to fathom a design without a designer leads to hostility to markets in half of the world, and hostility to Darwin in the other half.

Mar 312014

Only after he has exhausted his other resources does the boy begin to torture insects, or the ruler his subjects.

Mar 282014

Moral progress is only economic progress: men in the mass have the ethics they can afford.

Mar 272014

One often hears complaints against morally improving books, as if it were better to be degraded by one’s reading.

Mar 262014

Diligence is the most menacing of the virtues.