Apr 152015

In politics you can be right as long as you don’t care if you win, or win as long as you don’t care if you’re right.

Apr 142015

The weak often want to be thought wicked, but the wicked never want to be thought weak.

Apr 132015

Books can also change lives for the worse.

Apr 092015

Imitation is the most sincere, but parody is the most flattering.

Apr 082015

I regret all of my exclamation points, most of my semicolons, half of my em-dashes, some of my question marks, and none of my periods.

Apr 072015

The man who undertakes to rid himself of his illusions and biases can end up like an old painting, improperly cleaned.

Apr 062015

Travel appears a great luxury to those accustomed to the greater one of staying put.

Apr 032015

The hypochondriac makes his own death a bad joke.