Jul 082013

We can all be replaced, and we all are.

Jul 052013

You stir up a lot of sunken knowledge when you reorganize your library.

Jul 032013

Once you see human interaction as a contest to signal mating fitness, you never see it as anything else.

Jul 022013

A pseudo-science colonizes other disciplines; a real one sticks to its last.

Jul 012013

Elision is the mother of decision.

Jun 282013

As sympathy broadens, it also shallows.

Jun 272013

A grudging willingness to admit error does not suffice; you have to cultivate a taste for it.

Jun 262013

The great American creeps are Poe and Whitman, and the great American bores are Emerson and Hemingway.

Jun 252013

First you do not write what you think, then you do not say what you think, and finally you do not think what you think.