Jan 072013

The least forgiving pedant is the kindergartener in possession of a new fact.

Jan 042013

The successful liar is never forgiven for showing us how tawdry the stories are in which we are eager to believe.

Jan 032013

The magic of compound interest, natural selection, and many other misunderstood phenomena is the simple algorithm, iterated indefinitely.

Jan 022013

The historian imagines leaders who move nations by themselves, as the physicist imagines spherical cows of uniform density.

Jan 012013

Legality is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Dec 272012

In hell you are forced to reread continuously all the books you loved when you were twenty.

Dec 262012

The more hands your opinions have passed through, the more likely you are to regard them as your own.

Dec 252012

We call past ages unhappy with no better warrant than that we suppose we would have been unhappy in them.