May 082017

Thoughts and prayers galore —
What are they thinking of, and praying for?

May 052017

Is it the imminent destruction of the world you mourn, or the accomplished destruction of how you thought about it?

May 042017

We must defend democracy from the half of the population too stupid to be entrusted with it.

May 032017

Engineers build things; then scientists explain how they work.

May 022017

To feel misunderstood implies that some effort has gone into understanding you.

May 012017

The two great moral lessons of our time: we must celebrate our differences; and we are all the same.

Apr 272017

It is the work of art to conceal art, and of criticism to reveal it again.

Apr 262017

Elite is a rather flattering term for what is in fact a clutch of overgrown teacher’s pets.