Dec 272016

There are ways to praise a book that discourage reading it.

Dec 262016

Noble deeds, performed without regard for reputation or reward, would be more common if there was just some way to get the word out.

Dec 232016

You don’t build machines smarter than the designer for the same reason you don’t write novels with characters smarter than the author.

Dec 222016

To imagine oneself facing an unpleasant truth — few sensations are as pleasant.

Dec 212016

Confusion about pronouns and antecedents will be feminism’s enduring legacy.

Dec 202016

Democracies are apt to take office for power, semblance for substance.

Dec 192016

So many arguments won, and still no spoils.

Dec 162016

In politics: We need X, therefore we must do Y. With equal logic, and more truth: We need to do Y, therefore X must become necessary.

Dec 152016

Good governance is when the populace makes most of its own misery.

Dec 142016

It is no harder to foresee the future than to construe the past.